Bigg Boss OTT 2 continues to captivate viewers with each passing day, offering fresh reasons to tune in for every exciting episode. Whether it’s the intense and unexpected clashes among contestants or their heartwarming friendships that steal the spotlight. The recent episode of Bigg Boss OTT 2 was no exception, as it kept the audience thoroughly engaged in entertaining moments like casting and the contestants or confessing love.

Here are top 5 updates…

1. Casting Task

Bigg Boss assigns a casting task to Pooja Bhatt where she is the director and she has to choose who she would like to cast in her movie. The roles were heroine, villain, hero’s friend, person in the crowd, and passing shot. If Pooja is correct with her decisions, the audience will agree and they will get premium ration and if not then they will get regular ration. Eventually, her casting was wrong and they got normal ration.

2. Manisha Rani And Pooja Bhatt Chaos

Manisha Rani is called into the room by Pooja Bhatt first as a villain and this offends Manisha as she feels like she is not capable of becoming a villain, she argued with Pooja and then rejected auditions. Pooja tells her how she influences Abhishek and how he is nice around Jiya and different around Manisha. Pooja also said she influences Abhishek. Then Pooja calls her for one more audition for a passing shot which again she rejects but Pooja does choose her.

3. Manisha Rani Shoots Her Shot With Elvish Yadav

Elvish Yadav expresses how his girl outside the house is the prettiest and looks like a heroine and Manisha Rani is stunned. Then Manisha asks him how serious are they and if it is genuine. Elvish tells her how it is genuine and how he takes Manisha as a friend. Manisha even tries to kiss his cheek in his sleep but he wakes up and is confused,

4. Abhishek Malhan Admits Having A Soft Spot For Jiya Shankar

Abhishek Malhan and Elvish Yadav are having a conversation about Jiya Shankar when Abhishek admits he has a soft side for her in the game and says that he wants her in the top five. Abhishek expresses how his friend has warned him about Jiya and he takes his advice very seriously therefore has a safe distance and only good intentions with her. He expresses how she has always been there for him in this game and voted for him when it was least expected.

5. Abhishek Malhan and Avinahs Sachdev’s Chaos In The Kitchen

When the basic ration comes in Pooja Bhatt mentions how she has eggs from last week and that she is okay with it and to divide the eggs equally among the two groups excluding her. Abhishek and Avinash argue as Abhishek tells Avinash why he has to offer and keep eggs aside for Pooja when she has already said that she does not. Jiya joins in and tells Abhishek that even she would do the same. They continue to argue in the kitchen over eggs.

This casting director task was extremely interesting but unfortunately, the crowd did not like it. Pooja Bhatt is very clear about her opinions and that has caused issues with Manisha Rani. Tonight is ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ and I am looking forward to Salman Khan’s reactions to these roles casted, the fights, and who gets evicted this week.