Salaar is a much-awaited film by Prabhas and his fans just cannot get enough of it. The megastar whose last film Adipurush, received a mixed set of reactions from the public is already moved on to promoting Salaar and Project K and will start the shoot for another one of his upcoming films Raja Deluxe, a horror comedy. The trailer for Salaar is all set to drop on 6th July and here’s an interesting connection that a Pinkvilla article pointed out.

The article pointed out how the trailer of the film is set to release at the same time as we see Yash from KGF drowning in the water, towards the end of the film. The time is common between the two, to the T. The time at which we see Yash Bhai in KGF drowning at 5:16 AM, while the trailer of Salaar is also set to release at 5:16 AM on 6th July. This raises the question of whether Prabhas’ Salaar is part of Yash’s KGF universe. The coincidence is too big to ignore and one cannot deny the possibility until the film or the trailer of the film is out.
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Is this going to he the next tiger and Pathaan duo of Kollywood? We will have to wait and find out. The fans are thrilled at the possibility and honestly so am I.