Samantha Prabhu has given us some of the most stellar performances in her previous films, the last one being Shakuntala. But did you know, that the actress has been suffering from an autoimmune condition, called Myositis. On account of this, she will be taking a year-long break from acting and focusing all her time and energy on her well-being, and rightly so.

The actress will go on a hiatus once she has wrapped up the shoot for her next projects, Khushi and Citadel, and has also cancelled any further commitments that she has made with producers for any other films. It is also reported, that the actress will be returning all the advance payments that she had taken for her upcoming projects. Samantha Prabhu has spoken about her autoimmune condition on several platforms, and I am glad to see her take this step and put her health before everything else.

Check out an interview with Shravan Shah, from the team of MissMalini, where she addresses this issue.

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The actress will be leaving for the US in August for her treatment. The doctors have advised her to a year-long rest, but if her condition improves, she will return to work within six months. Hoping to see this Shankuntalam actress get better very soon, and be back in action on the big screen.