Sex Education fans are in for a treat one last time as this show returns for its fourth and last season on Netflix. The show which revolves around teenagers and their interesting and complicated sex lives is finally coming to an end and you need to strap in for this season. The last season left us with a lot of unanswered questions and this season looks like it has the answers for all of it. Netflix finally put out the teaser of this highly awaited show. Check it out below.

The trailer opens up with Otis standing on a platform addressing a whole lot of students talking about how much he enjoys sex and how much he thinks about it. That is not all. He also goes on to talk about how so much of this he has learnt from his mom. The room is filled with a set of mixed reactions until Eric exclaims that his mom is a sex therapist. It also gave us a glimpse into some interesting characters that were said to not return in the last and final season. And how could we miss out on Dan Levy from this teaser, he surely caught my eye from the lot. Also, if you are Otis and Ruby shipper, there is some good news for you, looks like the two are back but how does this end this time around, we will have to wait and find out! The team also penned down a heartfelt note, on the account of this season being their last.

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Come take a peek into the lives of these teenagers on 21st September, exclusively on Netflix.