And then there were 8!

The Bigg Boss house now has 8 contestants who encountered a tough nomination task, adding to the intensity of the competition as they strive for the trophy after spending over 45 days in the house. As the season progressed, the dynamics among the contestants evolved too. With the recent episode showcasing numerous unforgettable and surprising moments, the true challenge of claiming victory in Bigg Boss OTT 2 has officially commenced!

Here are top 5 updates in the recent episode…

1. Elvish Yadav And Abhishek Malhan Try To Convince Bebika Dhurve

In the previous episode, Elvish Yadav used an abusive term towards Bebika Dhurve which really hurt her. Elvish and Abhishek Malhan tried to apologise to her previously for it but she did not want to listen. In this episode, they continue their best to talk to her and express their true feelings but she is extremely hurt and has been ignoring them. Elvish and Abhishek continue to try regardless of her ignoring them.

2. Nominations Task

In this nominations task, contestants had to nominate each other. They would each be called in pairs of two in the activity room and they were made to choose who they would save from the two contestants given to them. Whoever is chosen gets to go for the finale directly and the other gets nominated. Eventually, Jiya Shankar, Jad Hadid, Avinash Sachdev, and Manisha Rani get nominated and the rest which is Pooja Bhatt, Abhishek Malhan, Elvish Yadav, and Bebika Dhurve are in the finale.

3. Jad Hadid Gets Emotional

Jad Hadid gets emotional because during the nominations task Jad taunts Jiya by calling her a ‘great friend’ and she calls him a ‘great father figure’ to which he assumes she is talking about him as a father towards his daughter. He cries to Pooja and Bebika and says he doesn’t even want to see Jiya’s face. Jiya justifies to him and Pooja that she meant father figure as in his relation with her and not towards his daughter and personal life. He refuses to believe her and is still upset.

4. Jiya Shankar And Avinash Sachdev’s Cold War

Jad Hadid and Jiya Shankar were called into the activity room to choose between Abhishek Malhan and Avinash Sachdev. Jad tried his level best to get Jiya to vote for Avinash as they are close friends and he has saved her multiple times. Jad tells Avinash that she wanted to vote for Abhishek to which Jiya justifies that she did it for the game and not personal reasons. Avinash gets hurt that he has always helped her and even made her captain but she still chose Abhishek over him. Jiya tries to explain it to Avinash but he’s too upset.

5. Avinash Sachdev And Bebika Dhurve Sort Out Differences

Avinash Sachdev and Bebika Dhurve are sitting with Pooja Bhatt when Bebika brings up how Avinash said she is not capable of becoming the captain of the house. Avinash justifies and says how he told her to cook for the rest of them, who he are friendly with her, but not for Abhishek, Elvish and Manisha because she doesn’t want to cook for them. To this Avinash tells Bebika that he got yelled at by everyone in the house and only told her to cook for everyone if she’s comfortable with that. Avinash specified how he always takes Bebika’s side and gets taunted for it and still Bebika feels like Avinash is against her. They have an emotional moment but sort it out with the help of Pooja.

This episode decided who goes to the finale and also tested the loyalty between friends. Jiya has now shifted her friend group and Manisha is not comfortable with it. I am looking forward to seeing what happens next as this week proceeds and who from the nominations gets evicted this weekend.