In the recent episode of Bigg Boss OTT 2, viewers were thrilled seeing Abhishek Malhan fight for the spot as the first finalist and the intense competition with Pooja Bhatt. This exciting moment was a highlight of the episode, which kept the audience engaged. The episode also had other captivating moments that happened post the task which got us at the edge of the seat.

Here are top 5 updates of the recent episode

1. Jad Hadid Acts Strange Towards Avinash Sachdev

Jad Hadid ignores Avinash Sachdev and doesn’t talk to him properly. Avinash goes and tells Jiya Shankar this and she finds it strange. Avinash then confronts Jad and tells him that what he chooses to do with Jiya is his decision and it shouldn’t affect their friendship. Jad tries explaining that he doesn’t want anything to do with Jiya and Avinash and eventually Avinash and Jad patch up.

2. Ticket To Finale And Final Captaincy Task

Ticket to finale and captaincy task finally begin. The winner of this task would be declared as the final captain of the house and also win a ticket to finale, that means that person will be the first finalist. In this task it was Pooja Bhatt vs Abhishek Malhan and they had to stand with two big baskets. Other contestants were meant to go and get fruits and put it in their baskets. Only Pooja and Abhishek could protect their baskets.

3. Abhishek Malhan Gets Into A Physical Fight With Jad Hadid And Avinash Sachdev

Avinash Sachdev and Abhishek Malhan get into a fight first because Abhishek is trying to protect his basket and Avinash is trying to take fruits. Unintentionally, Avinash gets hurt on his head and Abhishek loses his cool at the aggression. Abhishek abuses him and taunts him about his age. Later during the task even Jad Hadid falls on top of Abhishek and hurts Abhishek badly to which Abhishek gets violent and starts pushing them back. They have a big argument and the matter escalates. Bigg Boss steps in and clarified that only Pooja and Abhishek can protect their baskets to which Pooja says she doesn’t feel safe and clarifies it’s because of his height therefore Jad steps in Pooja’s place to fight for Pooja’s captaincy.

4. Abhishek Malhan Becomes First Finalist

Abhishek Malhan and Jad Hadid compete for captaincy and Pooja keeps telling Jad to play fair and not get violent for captaincy. Manisha Rani, Elvish Yadav and Jiya Shankar are helping Abhishek to win and put as many fruits as they can. Eventually Abhishek protects his basket the best and wins the final captaincy as well as the ticket to finale. Pooja tells Abhishek well deserved but not well played which offended him. Abhishek is now the first finalist of the season.

5. Manisha Rani, Elvish Yadav And Abhishek Malhan Discuss Pooja Bhatt

After the task they all go inside after alot of chaos and arguments and Manisha then tells Abhishek how Pooja was herself getting violent and hit Manisha many times. Manisha said that Pooja took the basket in her hands and was swinging and hitting them with it and Manisha even a fell couple of times. Elvish also tells Abhishek how he warned Pooja that she would get hurt during this task if he gets violent. Manisha then cheers Abhishek up and tells him that it’s good Jad took her place for the task or else she would create a scene about the violence and the height and age difference. She tells Abhishek now he can proudly go and say he earned the ticket because it was a fair game. Abhishek even rants about how he didn’t like the statement and words she used like ‘not well played’ and that she doesn’t feel safe, these sentences truly offended him.

This episode was extremely intense as they got into physical fights and even hurt themselves during this task. Abhishek is now a finalist and the final captain of this Bigg Boss OTT season 2 and it’s truly exciting to see this. It will be interesting to see Salman Khan reacts to this aggression of the contestants. I cannot wait to see what happens next and what more chaos occurs as Abhishek is the captain now.