Rocky Aur Rani Kii Prem Kahaani has gained immense appreciation and has been one of the top releases so far. Karan Johar has returned at full speed and has not disappointed us at all! The plot, the cast, the music, everything was so beautifully put giving us the old Bollywood back. During a press conference recently, it was revealed that there are deleted scenes that were a part of the film and weren’t included for this reason.

Ranveer Singh revealed during the press conference that he wishes a few deleted scenes would be included in the OTT release. The actor reveals that Originally, the film had a runtime of 3 hours and 10 minutes. However, director Karan Johar and his team decided to trim around 22 minutes from the film due to its excessive duration. Among the scenes removed were one where Rocky expresses, “Love hai to sab hai” to Rani, the end credits song ‘Kudmayi’ and a few other comical sequences. During this press meet, Ranveer made a special request to the director. He asked if the deleted scenes, including Rani’s theme song, could be included in the OTT version of the movie. Ranveer mentioned that fans were eager to see these additional moments. Karan Johar smiled and replied that they would consider it.

This film has been an absolute delight to watch. In the press conference, the cast members revealed many interesting facts about the movie and even spoke about the BTS. I love seeing such interaction and waiting to know more about the film and their journey!

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