Gadar 2 is releasing in theatres tomorrow and near to that there has been news buzzing around about the cast fees of Sunny Deol. Sunny Deol has reportedly asked for a sum of money that is 300% more than his usual cast fee for nostalgia and other purposes. Anil Sharma, the director of this film has now confirmed that this fee has been compromised by Sunny.

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In a Lehren Retro interview, Anil Sharma reveals that Sunny Deol did indeed compromise on his cast fees, and says “That is just one person, we managed that. And, to tell you the truth, even he reduced his fees a lot. These days, the actors’ and directors’ fees are too high, shooting the budget of films to ₹500-600 crore. Out of those, ₹150 or ₹200 crore is the hero’s share. What we thought was, to put the money in production.” According to a report in ABP, Sunny Deol has reportedly charged 20 Crores for this film and the reason is justified. Sunny’s outstanding performance was the main reason behind Gadar’s success. He perfectly embodied the character of Tara Singh. Anil Sharma and his team are trying to recreate that nostalgic magic, which justifies the 20 crore investment.
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After the outstanding first part, I cannot help but be excited to see what the second instalment has for us!
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