Last year, Babil Khan started his Bollywood journey, and now he’s making a comeback on screen with a new film called ‘Friday Night Plan.’ This film stars Babil Khan alongside Amrith Jaya and Juhi Chawla. Now, the teenage comedy film trailer dropped, which gives us an even better look at the characters and the story of this Babil Khan starter.

Babil Khan took to Instagram and dropped the trailer of his film today. In this exciting new project, Babil Khan takes on the role of the responsible older brother, while the mischievous younger sibling, played by Amrith Jayan, adds a touch of mischief to the mix. Their mom, played by Juhi Chawla, is away for a few nights because of her work, and this sets the stage for an intriguing adventure. While Mom’s away, the brothers hatch a plan to sneak into the city’s liveliest and most talked-about party, aiming to have an absolute blast. The trailer offers a glimpse into the brothers’ daily school life and highlights the strong and special bond they share. It’s like getting a sneak peek into their world, and it’s bound to keep you entertained!

Here is the look of the trailer…

I’m absolutely thrilled about this upcoming comedy film, and the best part is, it’s going to be available for streaming on Netflix on September 1, 2023. Mark your calendars because laughter and entertainment await!
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