Ayushmann Khurrana and Ananya Panday, gearing up for the highly anticipated release of ‘Dream Girl 2,’ recently sat down for an engaging interview with MissMalini, brilliantly hosted by Shravan Shah. In this insightful conversation, the dynamic duo of Ananya Panday and Ayushmann Khurrana not only answered intriguing questions but also unveiled exciting revelations about their upcoming film, building up the excitement among eager fans who’ve been eagerly awaiting the sequel to the original hit.

In this interview, Ananya Panday and Ayushmann Khurrana are asked about the three lessons learned from Pooja who is Ayushmann’s character in ‘Dream Girl 2.’ Ananya says that she loves Pooja’s confidence,her quick ability to change in and out of clothes, and her gracefulness. When Ayushmann was asked he just said ‘it’s comedy’ and laughed about it. In the interview, Ayushmann and Ananya also revealed the struggles of women’s outfits and behind-the-scenes struggles during the shoot.

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Mark your calendars and prepare to roll with laughter as ‘Dream Girl 2‘ hits theaters tomorrow, August 25th, 2023! This highly anticipated sequel promises a riot of humor and entertainment, and I for one am counting down the hours to experience this on the big screen. Don’t miss out – grab your popcorn and be ready to join in on the comedy ride!

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