Akshay Kumar’s OMG 2 has been garnering a lot of praise for its interesting plot. This social comedy also stars Pankaj Tripathi and Yami Gautam. The film has successfully crossed 100 Crores at the box office worldwide and is loved by fans thoroughly. The film faced a lot of issues with the censor board as it contained topics like sex education while also involving the angle of Lord Shiva. There were a lot of cuts made to its content, and despite that, it was given an A Certificate. Now here’s some good news that director Amir Rai revealed recently.

Director of OMG 2 in his recent interview with PTI spoke about the multiple cuts that were made to his film, and how he was heartbroken when the film wasn’t granted a U/A certificate as he wanted everyone to watch it. The director then followed it up by saying that the uncut version of this film will be available on OTT sometime soon. There has been no confirmation as to what platform and when it will be out, but you should definitely give it a watch once it is out. Check out the trailer of the film below…

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Akshay Kumar in the past has also spoken about how he believes that the film should be screened for kids, based on the topic it revolves on and mentioned how the film is one of the first adult films to be made for kids and it should be screened in schools.

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