Allu Arjun recently received a National Award for his outstanding performance in the movie ‘Pushpa.’ He’s not only the star of ‘Pushpa’ but also set to shine in its upcoming sequel, ‘Pushpa 2.’ Adding to the National Award celebration, Kriti Sanon, who won an award for her role in ‘Mimi,’ shared a heartfelt message for Allu Arjun and her message has raised curiosity whether there is an upcoming film featuring Allu Arjun and Kriti Sanon together.

Here’s the Tweet…

Kriti Sanon took to Twitter to pen down a sweet note to Allu Arjun congratulating him for winning the National Award and showing excitement towards his upcoming film ‘Pushpa 2.’ Kriti also mentioned about wanting a potential film alongside Allu Arjun. She said ‘Here’s manifesting a film together.’ Allu Arjun retweeted her message, and the actor mentioned ‘hope to make you feel that way in the future too.’ This has raised curiosity and excitement among the audience about the hints about a potential collaboration.

I’m really hoping to watch Allu Arjun and Kriti Sanon share the screen as these two phenomenal actors will truly bring magic to the theatres with their performances!