Babil Khan is returning to OTT screens with his next film ‘Friday Night Plans’. This film also stars Juhi Chawla and Medha Rana alongside him. This comedy-drama revolves around the plot of two unsupervised siblings under one roof. What follows is a whole lot of trouble and fun. Babil Khan and Medha Rana in conversation with Shravan Shah from the team of MissMalini, opened up about the nuances of growing up.

Shravan starts off by asking them about when they realised that they were leaving behind childhood and growing up, and transitioning to a whole new chapter in life. To which Babil replies saying it is when the way you crush on someone changes. While for Megha it was from going to High School to College, when she had to do things on her own. When Babil on the other hand was asked when reality and growing up hit him, he mentions how it was when his ‘baba’ Irrfan Khan passed away. And soon he realised the means to which you are living is somebody else’s hard work. And when that bubble burst, it was quite a struggle.

Check out the full interview below to know more about what went on…

Find out more about the realities of growing up and the fun that comes along with it, when you catch their film exclusively on Netflix, on 1st of September.