Leo starring Thalapthy Vijay, Kamla Hassan, and Sanjay Dutt is all set to release during Dussehra this year. The craze around this film has increased and the audience awaits more information. This action-packed thriller film has given glimpses but there has been no official announcement of the teaser. Recently the news of the teaser created immense buzz as fans are predicting the drop to be on 15th August 2023.

As per 123Telugu, the teaser for Leo’s film is set to be released on August 15. The quick timing of this teaser release caught many by surprise, but the word is that it will indeed be unveiled on the mentioned date. However, there hasn’t been any official confirmation about these rumors. Only time will reveal whether the teaser will release or not. This film will also consist of surprise cameos which are not confirmed yet but the audience is extremely pumped! This film has gained significant hype and fans are counting days till they get to see more of this Vijay starrer.

This film holds a lot of promise, and watching Sanjay Dutt fully embrace his role is a true delight. The catchy song has me moving to the rhythm, and I’m genuinely excited to stay tuned for further updates on this movie.

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