Kareena Kapoor Khan who is currently making her OTT debut in ‘Jaane Jaan’ is one of the most successful Bollywood actresses of all time. Kareena Kapoor Khan‘s journey to stardom is quite fascinating, as during her childhood, she used to accompany her elder sister, Karisma Kapoor, on film sets. On those sets, she had the unique opportunity to observe and interact with Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, and Aamir Khan.

In an interview with IndianExpress, Kareena Kapoor Khan fondly recalled her childhood visits to movie sets alongside her sister, Karisma Kapoor, where she watched stars like Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, and Aamir Khan in action. She contrasted those times with the present, emphasizing how the industry has changed, becoming more exposed and focused on appearances, while it used to be more private and humane. Here’s what Kareena Kapoor Khan said…

Karisma would be shooting with Shah Rukh or Salman and Aamir. So it was just like a little girl’s dream watching from afar. Today… it’s like everything’s out there. You know, in those days, it was not about the paps or how you looked or where you went or what you did or, you know, like which restaurant you ate at. And it was never… it was always about… it was more humane in some way

It is so fascinating to hear Kareena reveal this about her childhood desire to work with these iconic stars. It is truly inspiring and interesting to hear celebrities talk about these things in interviews!

feature image credit – Salman Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan- Quora