With the announcement of Marvel’s Hindi Audible original podcast series, the feeling of excitement and apprehension regarding this six part instalment was an honest confession that ardent MCU(Marvel Cinematic Universe) fans made. The Marvel’s Wastelanders: Star-Lord was the first instalment that was released in June. Being quite literally put in a state of trance while watching each of the movies from MCU sure does create a whole lot of expectation around this audio series. And boy oh boy did, Star-Lord manage to leave an impressive mark. Right from the word play, Peter Quill, who’s renamed as Star-Lord (Saif Ali Khan) and Rocket Raccoon (Vrajesh Hirjee) transport you to their world and the predicament of fighting evil in a world of the unexpected kind.

To briefly recap the first part, Peter and Rocket find a wrecked ship by Stark industries, drifting in space, along with a female robot (Anangsha Biswas), a recorder of past events and solo survivor of the wreck. After much conversations, going through the recording courtesy their new robot friend along with the female recorder robot, Cora (Sushant Divgikr), and understanding of how unsafe the abandoned ship is, the trio set out to go back to Earth. Upon reaching the planet, a realisation sets in that all the superheroes have fallen and supervillains have taken over. The need to survive and fight becomes their primary mission now.

With Star-Lord, the premise of doom is laid down, and plenty flashbacks of Avengers does come to your mind. The usage of colloquial Hindi makes it a rather funny and interesting listen, especially with certain hilarious one-liners and dialogues. The choice of cast definitely was crucial being the first part to drop and create an impact, and Saif and Vrajesh sure do not disappoint.

The second instalment Marvel’s Wastelanders: Hawkeye just dropped it’s trailer and it sure does raise the bar of expectation higher. It features Jaideep Ahlawat, Prajakta Koli and Jennifer Winget lending their voices as Hawkeye, Ash and Kate Bishop respectively. Well with the trailer already building curiosity around Hawkeye, I for one am super excited for this it.