Shah Rukh Khan, a prominent figure in the Indian film industry, has been making headlines for all the right reasons lately. His latest action-packed movie, ‘Jawan,’ has not only set records at the Indian Box Office but has also left a lasting impact on audiences. King Khan’s exceptional performance in the film has garnered praise from critics and fans alike, solidifying his reputation as one of Bollywood’s finest actors. In this film, SRK had many different looks and he just revealed the reason behind his bald look and it’ll surprise you!

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In a recent IMDb interview, Shah Rukh Khan revealed his surprising decision to go bald for his upcoming film. It wasn’t initially in the script but rather a practical choice to save time on daily makeup. When he showed the promo to friends, they were taken aback, with some wondering if the ladies would still find him charming. Shah Rukh humorously said he likes bald girls too. This moment was truly hilarious and showed us the real King Khan who is not only a fine gentleman but also hilarious. Here is what SRK said…

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Just to explain it, it was never part of the script. It was a part of the get-up that was part of the script. I just chose the bald look out of laziness. I said, ‘Yeah, then I don’t have to wear 2 hours of this makeup. Can I just go bald?’ So I think it came out of that. I had reservations because I showed the promo to some friends and they were like, ‘Oh no! It looks very scary. Girls won’t like you.’ So I hope girls like me. I hope girls like bald men. I like bald girls.

Shah Rukh Khan’s wit and humor, as showcased in his decision to go bald for a film and his playful banter about baldness, remind us of his endearing charm both on and off-screen. Beyond his remarkable acting talent, it’s this unique blend of charisma and humor that has endeared him to audiences worldwide, making him a beloved figure in the world of entertainment.