The time is finally here! As everyone awaited with baited breaths for this Shah Rukh Khan starrer to release, and the excitement and craze of the fans could be seen all over! Being an absolute SRK fan, I obviously watched the film at 6 am in a packed theatre and well, the vibe was just magical. Scene by scene, frame by frame, Jawan left me with a series of reactions, emotions and thoughts that needed a pause button to process it all.

So without further delay, here’s summarising the experience of Jawan:

  1. Shah Rukh Khan’s opening scene is literal goosebumps!
  2. The introduction scene of the women’s army comprising of Sanya Malhotra, Priyamani, Girija Oak, Leher Khan, Sanjeeta Bhattacharya, is literally the calm before the storm.
  3. That ‘Money Heist’ wala moment that everyone was reminded of is here except SRK’s women’s army is in yellow.
  4. And then comes Narmada (Nayanthara) in boots… interesting!
  5. The musical scene of ‘Bekarar Karke’ shows contrasting moments of grooving while waiting in the hijacked metro and panic in chaos at the government office(s)… kaafi cinematic!
  6. Vijay Sethupathi… what a gangsta entry!
  7. Kalki’s (Leher Khan from SRK’s army) backstory… Emotional!!!! Everyone is teary eyed here :’(
  8. Jab “taaliyan” par movie mein metro walo ne nahi kiya kuch, leave it to SRK fans in the theatre to do so.
  9. Nayanthara’s gun shooting scene does meet with some impressive impact.
  10. SRK as Jailer Azad’s entry scene… *whistle whistle*
  11. Zinda Banda’s got the theatre grooving… and even this special guest who makes a cameo! *wink*
  12. What a cute conversation between SRK and Sujhi … all heart.
  13. That first… actual meeting… between Azad (SRK) and Narmada (Nayanthara) is dayummmm!
  14. Oh main toh chaleya… 🎶
  15. Mukesh Chhabra… I see you! 🙂
  16. SRK exuding major Professor from Money Heist vibes in the hospital scam scene.
  17. That fight scene between Azad (SRK) and Narmada (Nayanthara) is almost musical to watch.
  18. The wedding scene is so magical and dreamy… :’)
  19. SURPRISE ELEMENT: SRK exuding massive wolverine vibes but there’s a twist… a massive one… (calm down, no spoilers)
  20. Kaali (Vijay Sethupathi) being quite gangsta in an emotional scene too
  21. Narmada is now taking a walk down Vikram Rathore’s (guess who is Vikram) journey… I’m gearing up for some crazy twists and turns.
  22. Make way for the queeennnnn… Deepika Padukone is here! 👸
  23. The throwback scenes show a different avatar of Vijay Sethupathi.
  24. Always trust DP to do something savage!
  25. Vijay is so good in the movie that you immediately hate his character, Kaali, every time he fills up the frame.
  26. Deepika’s ‘cameo’ is so impactful and attention grabbing that you almost forget it’s a special appearance.
  27. Thank God they clarified in the movie why Riddhi Dogra is playing Kaveri, Azad’s (SRK) mother.
  28. Azad and Vikram being united is one hatke father – son reunion moment, but emotions riding high.
  29. Narmada has joined the other side! Of course that had to happen! #YasKween!
  30. The swag of the SRK’s women’s army is growing on me.
  31. Vikram Rathore and squad nailing that action scene like absolute rockstars.
  32. OMG! There’s a Lion King inspired dialogue 🥹… cannot stop screaming (internally, of course!)
  33. Wait… did Vikram Rathore just call Kaali Santa Clause?
  34. HOLD ONNNN there’s Sanjay Dutt too! (Eeepssss)
  35. Climax scene begins… Kaali is now getting funnier.
  36. “Bete ko haath lagane se pehle, baap se baat kar” – the audience cannot stop hooting!
  37. The wholesome entertainment along with the fight sequence is a 💯
  38. Justice is served, rejoice y’all!
  39. Celebration time with SRK who is now starting to make a pizza #swagger
  40. There’s one more surprise and hint about a part 2!… Atlee, when? how soon? same cast? Do share soon 😀

If you’re looking forward to an action-packed entertainer with a generous, double dhamaka of Shah Rukh Khan, Jawan is definitely worth a watch. The second half sure could’ve had some moments which were a lot more hard-hitting and Kaali being more difficult to beat. The stellar starcast carries the this romance-cum-revenge-cum-action-packed drama from start to end in the most wholesome and entertaining manner.