Rekha is the ever-green queen of Bollywood, who has shone through with grace all these years. The actress has always won hearts with her humour, charm and wit on multiple occasions. The actress has been part of the industry for over 40 plus years and everyone seems to have nothing but love and respect for her. On the occasion of her birthday, let’s take a look at some moments that won our hearts.

1. When she surprised us with her melodious voice

A beautiful woman with a beautiful voice, that is what Rekhaji is. In this video you see her exhibiting one of her hidden talents at an award function and all I see around are stunned faces that were absolutely not expecting this.

2. When she stunned everyone on Simi Garewal with her answers

The Simi Garewal talk show was one of the hottest shows of the time. In one such interview with Rekha, Simi asked her if she would be ready to marry a man, to which Rekhaji snarkily replied ‘Why a man?’. This answer stunned everyone at that time, and still remains one of my favourite moments of her.

3. Her dance with Shah Rukh Khan won hearts

She really could be the only one who could grab the spotlight from King Khan himself. In this video, we see the two dancing on Salaame Ishq and you cannot seem to take your eyes off this radianting beauty and her charm.

4. When she spoke about what ‘Style’ is to her

The actress is admired for her iconic style, a style that is become a name in itself. her white organza sarees, with a deep red indoor that adorns her at all times. When asked what style means to her, she said that it isn’t something that is external, it is a feeling.

5. When she thanked her fans for their relentless support

At times, when celebrities reach great heights, they seldom forget humility. But not Rekhaji! In the video below, she thanks her fans for their support and reminds them that it is because of them that she is standing in front of such a large audience.

Rekhaji still remains to be one of the biggest stars in Bollywood, and her charm and beauty only seem to get better with every passing year. Wishing her a very Happy Birthday and a year full of happiness and love.