Ranbir Kapoor’s much anticipated ‘Animal’ Teaser dropped recently are fans were buzzing with excitement after seeing him in that role. Today, his new song alongside Rashmika Mandanna just dropped and Alia Bhatt has reacted to this song. The song has created immense buzz among the audience and portrays a soft side of Ranbir Kapoor.

Ranbir Kapoor’s song ‘Hua Main’ is a romantic song that features Rashmika Mandanna as well. In this song, Ranbir and Rashmika share many adorable and steamy moments and their chemistry is so electrifying. Alia Bhatt took to Instagram to show her affection and promote the new song from ‘Animal.’ She captioned her story ‘On Loop’ which means she’s constantly listening to this song of her husband. Alia always shows how proud she is of her husband publicly and it’s truly wholesome to watch. They never shy away from talking about each other and it truly steals the hearts of the audience.

I’m hoping to see Alia and Ranbir share screen again in the future as their pair off-screen and on-screen is just so adorable!