Varun Sharma, the talented and versatile actor known for his impeccable comic timing and unforgettable performances, is all set to reprise his iconic role as Choocha in his latest film ‘Fukrey 3.’ With ‘Fukrey 3’ generating Varun Sharma recently opened up about the love and acceptance his character Choocha has received from audiences as the film hit the 100 Crore mark at the box office recently. Choocha, a lovable misfit with an eccentric, yet endearing personality, has captured the hearts of audiences since the very first ‘Fukrey’ film in 2013. Read on to know more.

As ‘Fukrey 3‘ continues to create waves at the box office, it’s evident that fans can’t get enough of Choocha and the gang. Actor Varun Sharma, who plays the quirky character of Choocha, in a recent interview spoke about how special the character is to him and so is the franchise Fukrey. He went on to add how his character has given him so much, from love and acceptance of the audience to a medium to showcase his talent. He called the journey to the third instalment very beautiful.

As ‘Fukrey 3’ crosses the 100-crore milestone, it is clear that the love fans have shown towards Choocha is a testament to the magic of great storytelling and the power of characters who stay with us long after the credits roll.