The world of Indian web series has witnessed a phenomenal transformation over the years, with gripping stories and stellar performances becoming the norm. One such standout series that took the digital streaming platforms by storm is Aarya, featuring the iconic Sushmita Sen in the lead role. Aarya Season 3 is all about revenge and this ‘sherni’ is coming back fearless and all set to attack her enemies. Two days back the makers dropped a small teaser of Aarya 3 and now they have finally put out the trailer, check it out below…

Aarya Sareen is back and her rage knows no bounds when it comes to protecting her children. When you have enemies that are this twisted, you have to take matters into your own hands and that is exactly what Aarya is set to do this season. Sushmita Sen looks fearless as a Sherni in the trailer and the plot only appears to thicken with every season, and this season is no different. With a few new characters, this trailer is filled with twisted plots and is absolutely action-packed. Apart from this 2 days back the makers drop a small teaser of Aarya 3.

Returning as Aarya, here’s what Sushmita Sen had to say,

Aarya is the brightest jewel in my crown. Portraying her has been an empowering journey. What fuels my excitement for season 3 of Aarya is that she’s totally unabashed and ruling the game of life once played with her. She’s making new enemies and new allies because this Sherni is now the new Don in town. Ram Madhvani has really grown the action, emotions and twists three fold in this new season, so, get ready to meet the Sherni only on Disney+ Hotstar

Creator, Co-producer and Co-Director of Aarya (S1, S2 and S3), Ram Madhvani said,

Aarya has been an uplifting journey of its own. She was bruised and battered in the past, but what’s more dangerous than a tigress, is a hunted one. Moreover, this season will explore the themes of vengeance, sacrifice and betrayal; there are newer enemies and newer allies that only make this journey more interesting. As the audiences dive deeper into this season, they may wonder if Aarya can play this game or be at the core of it. So, I would say, brace yourself and stay tuned to Disney+ Hotstar for the fiery season 3 of Aarya.

The show is set to release on November 3rd, exclusively on Disney+ Hotstar and I am quite excited about it. So grab your popcorn, as Aarya returns to your screens.