Ranbir Kapoor has been in the limelight for his recent teaser drop of ‘Animal.’ He takes on a role that is super intense and fierce and fans are all for it! Ranbir never fails to put a smile on the face of the audience with the adorable revelations he makes about him, Alia Bhatt, and their daughter Raha. The couple never fails to impress us with their love for each other and the bond they share with their daughter Raha.

In a recent conversation with Hauserpens,’ Ranbir Kapoor revealed that Alia Bhatt writes emails to Raha daily. He mentioned how she pens emails to their baby girl on a daily basis and he aspires to do the same. He also reveals when asked about love letters how he’s a big romantic and is inspired by his parents, etc to pen love letters and he absolutely loves it. He mentioned how you can keep love letters for years together. The actor believes that emails and messages are superficial and the original handwritten love letter is fading away.

This couple shares such a heartwarming bond with their daughter, and witnessing their family moments is sure to evoke tears of joy in your eyes!

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