Salman Khan’s much anticipated ‘Tiger 3’ trailer just dropped and the audience is in shock by how intense and action-packed this film seems. ‘Tiger’ franchise has been one of the most loved and popular franchise of all time and this one seems no less. This film features Katrina Kaif as well as Emraan Hashmi alongside Salman Khan which adds more excitement among the audience. This trailer was full of action is so intense that I just cannot wait for more.

Salman Khan took to Instagram and dropped the ‘Tiger 3’ trailer today which left fans speechless and wanting more. In the trailer, we can see Tiger and Zoya being the adorable happy couple that they are with their child. In the midst of their happiness and good times, Emraan Hashmi is on a mission to seek revenge from Tiger. At the end of the trailer, we can see Emraan say “Welcome to Pakistan, Tiger” and that dialogue will truly give chills down your spine. The trailer has many intense fights and even Zoya is seen fighting and in a fierce form. The trailer has only added more curiously in me and I cannot wait to see what these stellar actors have for us.

Tiger 3 will be releasing in theatres on 12th November,2023 and I am all set to see this movie on the big screen!