Karan Johar’s Dulhania movies starring Alia Bhatt and Varun Dhawan was a massive success and is still loved by the audience till date. The films made were ‘Humpyu Sharma Ki Dulhania’ and ‘Badrinath Ki Dulhania’ and fans widely love these two films. Not only are they extremely adorable and relatable to the audience but the chemistry between Alia Bhatt and Varun Dhawan holds a special place in their hearts. Karan Johar now reveals a major update on ‘Dulhania 3’ and this has raised curiosity among the audience.

In conversation with Pinkvilla, Karan Johar also touched on the prevalence of franchises in the Indian film industry. He confirmed that a third installment in the Dulhania franchise, starring Varun Dhawan and Alia Bhatt, is in talks. However, he expressed his reluctance to create too many sequels. Karan explained that the Dulhania franchise, which includes movies like ‘Humpty’ and ‘Badri,’ is unique in its own right, as it’s a love story series that they initiated. He mentioned his commitment to preserving the distinctive essence of this narrative while keeping a cautious approach to creating further sequels.

Although Karan Johar did not reveal much, I am hoping for ‘Dulhania 3’ to fall into place soon as the first two are just the perfect rom-com movie, and Alia, and Varun look absolutely adorable together in those films.