Vijay Thalapathy, a beloved figure in the South Indian film industry, has a massive fan following that extends beyond regional boundaries. While his fans are known for their passionate support, an unfortunate incident recently unfolded that has raised concerns. Fans, in their enthusiasm for the release of his film ‘Leo,’ vandalized cinema halls, leading to the government’s decision to cancel the 7 am shows.

The fans’ excitement knew no bounds on watching the trailer, so much so that it soon took an ugly turn where Vijay’s fans tore seat covers and dismantled seats during the Leo trailer screening at a theatre in Chennai. This caused a big controversy even before the film’s release and the event had to be stopped. The makers had also appealed to the government to allow 4am and 7am shows to meet the demand of the fans. Earlier the government had turned down the request for 4am shows, but now it has decided not to allow 7am shows as well.

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The incidents of vandalism and the subsequent cancellation of 7am shows for ‘Leo’ have brought to the forefront the importance of responsible fan culture. To honour their favourite star, fans must channel their enthusiasm in ways that promote a positive image of themselves and the film industry.