Karan Johar and Shah Rukh Khan have a strong bond for many years. Karan always reveals adorable facts about Shah Rukh Khan which gives us more insight on how SRK is. Recently, Karan revealed some interesting facts about how SRK is behind the scenes on film sets and what his behaviour is like. The revelations made by Karan Johar have truly stolen my heart and are a must-know for all SRK fans!

Recently, during Bollywood Hungama OTT India Fest held in Mumbai, Karan Johar revealed his perspective on Shah Rukh Khan which is that SRK is an absolute delight on a film set. King Khan exudes magnetism, charm, and immense artistic talent, yet remains remarkably down-to-earth and relatable. On set, SRK’s mission is to spread happiness and elevate every scene to its fullest potential, always prioritizing the film over personal accolades. Karan Johar believes that Khan has not only redefined the concept of love in Indian cinema but has also become synonymous with it. In the world of Indian cinema, Shah Rukh Khan, from Karan Johar’s viewpoint, is the ultimate embodiment of love and entertainment.

After gaining this insight into Shah Rukh Khan’s personality, I’m genuinely eager to witness this authentic and wholesome side of SRK off-screen. It’s an aspect of his character that’s not only magnetic on the film set but also seems profoundly genuine, and I can’t help but wish to experience it beyond the silver screen.

Feature image-Filmfare