Earlier today Anil Kapoor removed all his posts and his profile picture went viral. Fans have been questioning this and the curiosity is building more and more each moment. This news has spread across and fans are really intrigued as well as worried. Now, Sonam Kapoor has finally reacted to her father Anil Kapoor’s recent news and her reaction will surprise you!

Sonam Kapoor took to Instagram story and posted a screenshot of Anil Kapoor’s feed and how it is entirely blank. Just like all of us, Sonam is also quite surprised and shocked by this news and her reaction was ‘Dad!!??’. This news has not only surprised the audience and has them wondering what happened but it is a shock to his own family members. I wonder if this is for some new upcoming film or a revamp of his Instagram. If not for a film we hope everything is alright! This news is circulating and has gone viral. Everyone has the same questions but there is no answer to it yet. Fans speculate an upcoming ‘Mr India 2’ announcement soon!

I’m really curious to know what this is all about and hope Anil Kapoor reveals this super soon as the audience cannot keep calm.