Takeshi’s Castle, the legendary Japanese game show known for its zany challenges and slapstick humor, has a dedicated fan following worldwide. When news broke of a reboot of the beloved show, excitement reached a fever pitch. Adding to the anticipation was the announcement that Indian YouTube sensation Bhuvan Bam had been roped in to host the show and handle the scripting and dubbing.

What’s even more impressive is the dedication and hard work Bhuvan Bam invested in the project, taking a whopping 120 days to perfect the scripting and dubbing for Takeshi’s Castle’s reboot. His innate talent for comedy, storytelling, and impeccable mimicry skills made him the perfect choice to host and script the Takeshi’s Castle reboot. To perfect the scripting and dubbing for the Takeshi’s Castle reboot, Bhuvan Bam invested an impressive 120 days of hard work. This level of dedication is a testament to his commitment to delivering quality content. Buvan has big shoes to fill, that of the legendary Jaaved Jaaferi and I am sure he will live up to people’s expectations.

The source close to the production said,

Bhuvan wanted to make sure the iconic Takeshi Castle gets the reboot it needs and deserves. Making sure to give the a fitting twist to current times of this old classic was the main intent and aim. Bhuvan and team wanted to bring this iconic show to current audiences and hence spent a great deal of time. They spent over 4 months to get both the script and dubbing process to near perfection

Amazon Prime Video announced the reboot of this iconic show with Buvan Bam as its voiceover artist, and his dedication to the project and his desire to ensure it lives up to the high expectations of fans is commendable. I am quite excited for this project to go live, are you too?