Tamil cinema’s megastar, Vijay Thalapathy, has done it once again with his latest release, ‘Leo.’ The film, which hit theaters recently, has not only taken the box office by storm but also set a new benchmark by grossing a whopping Rs. 400 crores in just four days. This achievement is a testament to Vijay’s immense popularity and the movie’s gripping storyline and exceptional performances.

It was one smashing weekend for Vijay’s ‘Leo‘ as it raked in a smashing Rs. 400 crores. The film started off with a bag, as it raked in 140 Crores on its first day, and 36 Crores on the second day. On the third day, the film earned Rs. 39.8 crore, whereas by Sunday it had raked in Rs. 42.1 crore. Leo now stands at number three at the global box office, the film’s Twitter handle shared this news with the fans. As the film continues to draw audiences into theatres, it’s expected to achieve even greater milestones.

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This phenomenal success is a testament to the star’s enduring appeal and the film’s gripping storyline. As fans and critics alike celebrate this remarkable achievement, it’s clear that ‘Leo’ is well on its way to becoming a cult classic and solidifying Vijay’s legacy as one of Tamil cinema’s greatest stars.