Kartik Aaryan’s upcoming role in ‘Aashiqui 3’ has generated immense anticipation among fans eagerly awaiting the third installment of this beloved movie franchise. While the cast for the film is yet to be officially confirmed, there have been numerous speculations about Tara Sutaria potentially co-starring alongside Kartik Aaryan as the lead actress after many videos surfacing on the internet of the two. Director Anurag Basu has recently shed light on whether these speculations hold any truth.

Recent online rumors have suggested that Tara Sutaria may be cast as the female lead opposite Kartik Aaryan in the eagerly anticipated third installment of the Aashiqui series. However, According to a report from Pinkvilla, director Anurag Basu has clarified the situation, confirming that the female lead for the film has not been finalized yet and that everything reported is based on speculation. This announcement from the filmmaker leaves the casting for ‘Aashiqui 3‘ still uncertain, prompting fans to await official announcements for the final cast. There is not much yet revealed about this third installment except for Kartik being the lead actor.

The cast for ‘Aashiqui 3’ remains unconfirmed, but fans are eagerly looking forward to the official announcements.