Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt featured in ‘Brahmastra’ in 2022 and fans couldn’t get enough of the film. This film reportedly has three parts and will be shot together. Ayan Mukerji also revealed the roughy art concept of ‘Brahmastra 2’ on the one-year anniversary but fans couldn’t wait to know more. Now Ranbir Kapoor has revealed a major update on this sequel, answered many questions and doubts, and revealed when this sequel would begin shooting as well!

In conversation with fans on Zoom, Ranbir Kapoor shared that the script of ‘Brahmastra 2’ has been finalized and that they are excited and planning to begin shooting towards the end of 2024. He also said that they’ve taken into consideration all the feedback and criticism from the first part and is now fully committed to learning from that and not repeating any same mistakes. Ranbir also said that the sequel is heavy into writing and that they are working on this film all the time. He revealed how Ayan Mukerji had narrated the script of the sequel and it has gone 10 times bigger than the first part. Ranbir said that Ayan is currently working on ‘War 2’ and that they will begin shooting by the end of next year or so. He also commented on the missing chemistry between the characters and said that they will be working on that as well.

It’s so exciting to hear that this film is getting bigger and better as I’ve loved the first part so much I can’t even imagine how this sequel will turn out!