Ranbir Kapoor has been receiving immense praise for his remarkable portrayal in the teaser of ‘Animal,’ where he’s seen in an entirely new and captivating character. The teaser left audiences in awe of his talent and the anticipation for the film is at an all-time high. However, recent controversies surrounding a comment he made to his wife, Alia Bhatt, have sparked accusations of toxicity. Here’s how Ranbir Kapoor has reacted to this controversy.

In a conversation on Zoom, Ranbir Kapoor didn’t shy away from addressing the recent controversy where he was called ‘toxic’ due to a statement made. The actor acknowledged and said that he recently came across an article discussing him being ‘toxic’ because of something he said. Ranbir expressed how fully understands and supports those fighting against toxic masculinity. He expressed that if people want to use him as a symbol for this important cause, he’s okay with it, recognizing that this fight goes beyond his personal feelings. The actor emphasized that in the industry, there’s a lot of talk and opinions, and his advice is to take it with a grain of salt. He pointed out that the image people have of him, whether from his movie roles or media portrayal, is in the hands of the public, who can express their opinions as long as they give his work a fair chance.

Ranbir Kapoor responded admirably to the ‘toxic’ statement, showing understanding and support for the cause of fighting toxic masculinity, while also emphasizing the importance of constructive criticism and public opinion.