Mathew Perry’s passing came as a shock to many. This unfortunate incident sent shockwaves among fans of him and moreover fans of the show Friends. He was widely recognised for his fun-loving character Chandler Bing on this iconic sitcom and the fans seem to have been taken aback by this news. The actor shared a great relationship with the rest of the cast of the show, to date and in the recent statement issued, they called themselves family more than just mates.

One thing fans knew about the actor is how close he was to his pet dog ‘Alfred’, and has shared multiple posts on his Instagram as well regarding the same. According to a report in Daily Mail, Lisa Kudrow, from the cast of Freinds, who played the role of Pheobe, is said to be adopting his pet dog Alfred after his passing. That is indeed one sweet gesture if the actress does decide to go ahead with it, and I can’t help but say that is very Pheobe of her to do so! The cast of Friends issued a joint statement where they expressed how saddening this news has been and asked the fans to give them some time to process this news before they say something about it.

Lisa’s gesture is being appreciated by fans all over, but the actress has not confirmed or commented on the same. The actor’s untimely passing came as a shock to many and fans are still processing this news.