Alia Bhatt is currently one of the most successful actresses of our time and is riding the success wave. Alia Bhatt and Shah Rukh Khan never shy away from showing their fondness for either and their bond is truly adorable to see. Alia Bhatt now reveals what she learnt from Shah Rukh Khan on sets of ‘Dear Zindagi’ and it will truly surprise you.

In a recent chat with Vogue Singapore, Alia Bhatt reveals that in every movie she has learnt a new lesson and ‘Dear Zindagi’ is also one of them. She mentions how she learnt a lot from Shah Rukh Khan. She reveals that from her behaviour on set to her inclination in a scene, everything is learnt from Shah Rukh Khan. King Khan also impacted the way she is and he was also respectful on set which is one more thing she learnt.

With Dear Zindagi, I learnt so much from Shah Rukh Khan. He made such an impact on the way I am and how I behave on set. His behaviour, respect, inclination towards everything in a scene—I learnt a lot from that

The bond Alia and King Khan share is so pure and I love hearing new things about them. It so so heartwarming and inspiring!

Feature Image credits: IndiaToday