Badshah is known for his epic music and his exceptional rapping worldwide. In an exclusive and engaging interview with Miss Malini, hosted by Shravan Shah, the legendary rapper Badshah took us on a thrilling journey through his illustrious career. He divulged an interesting facet of his fame, unveiling how the younger generation has come to recognize him primarily because of his sensational track, ‘Jugnu.’

In the interview, when asked about which song is it fans still go back to and compliment wherever they are at any given time and he reveals that it is ‘Merci’ then Badshah continues to mention how fans especially youngsters love ‘Jugnu’ and know him for it! It was so shocking because there are so many iconic songs by Badshah and he was also surprised about the fact that people love ‘Jugnu’ and ‘Merci’ so much. In this interview, he also reveals how he feels nervous before releasing music and the process behind it! The interview had a fun mix of many engaging conversations and is a must-watch!

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