Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Ask SRK’ sessions on Twitter have long been a fan favorite for their personal touch, where he directly engages with and responds to fans. However, in a recent fan interaction on his birthday, the question of whether Shah Rukh Khan personally answered ‘Ask SRK’ on Twitter was finally addressed. He revealed whether he participates in these sessions himself, putting fans’ curiosity to rest and solidifying the personal connection he maintains with his dedicated followers.

Shah Rukh Khan, known for his engaging ‘Ask SRK’ sessions on Twitter, has recently clarified his social media approach and whether he personally handles the content of ‘Ask SRK.’ In a video that has been circulating on social media, he addressed the common query of whether his team manages these interactions, asserting that he personally responds to fans’ questions, especially those related to his personal life, ensuring that the personal touch is genuinely his own. While he does seek assistance from his team for work-related content, the personal messages he shares on social media are his own creations, reinforcing the authenticity of his online interactions with fans.

Knowing that Shah Rukh Khan personally answers fans’ questions in ‘Ask SRK’ adds a delightful and authentic touch to the experience, making it all the more engaging and enjoyable for all of us.

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