Salman Khan’s reaction to the paparazzi calling him ‘Tiger’ amidst the excitement surrounding ‘Tiger 3’ was truly epic. As the anticipation for the release of ‘Tiger 3‘ continues to surge, it’s clear that the hype is reaching new heights. The Tiger 3 advance bookings is setting records at the box office. The paparazzi swept up in the craze themselves, affectionately referred to him as ‘Tiger,’ acknowledging his iconic role in the films. Salman Khan’s response to being addressed as ‘Tiger’ was a delightful reflection of the enthusiasm surrounding this much-anticipated creation.

As Salman Khan gracefully stepped out of his car and made his way to pose for the paparazzi outside Manish Malhotra’s residence, something extraordinary happened. The paparazzi went wild, affectionately calling him ‘Tiger’ and even chanting ‘Tiger Zinda Hai.’ The atmosphere was nothing short of surreal, and this entire spectacle was captured in a viral video by ViralBhayani. Fans have been absolutely delighted by Salman’s reaction to this unexpected homage to his iconic ‘Tiger’ character. It’s a clear signal that Salman is all set to reprise his beloved ‘Tiger’ role for the third installment. Here is the ViralBhayani video…

The anticipation is reaching a fever pitch among fans who can’t wait to see their favorite action hero in action once again!

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