Virat Kohli hit his 49th century during the India vs South Africa match and this special occasion was also his birthday. There were plenty of special and wholesome movements during this match but the moment he posed as Shah Rukh Khan in front of fans and danced to his wife Anushka Sharma’s ‘Ainvayi Ainvayi’ fans couldn’t get enough and were gushing over him!

In a recent video posted by ICC Cricket Worldcup on Instagram, we can see Virat Kohli enjoying himself by striking the iconic Shah Rukh Khan pose and then also dancing to ‘Chaleya’ in ‘Jawan.’ This dance number was a complete hit since the movie and even Virat has joined this hype and shown his love for this song. In another video posted by a fan, Virat is seen dancing to ‘Ainvayi Ainvayi’ which is Anushka Sharma’s popular song on the field and fans were buzzing with excitement seeing those moves! Anushka and Virat have always been a fan favorite and they are truly adorable! Check how Anushka Sharma Changed Virat Kohli’s Life

Virat as usual played extremely well and I love seeing this goofy side of him. We hope to see more moves of Virat on the field as he plays!