Alia Bhatt has often found herself at the receiving end of online negativity and meme culture and has responded in a remarkable and empowering manner. In the face of a constant barrage of negative comments and meme-making by sections of the media, the talented actress chose to rise above it all with grace, proving that she’s unstoppable and unshaken by the online noise. Alia’s epic reaction to trolls serves as a powerful reminder of her resilience and ability to maintain her poise in the face of adversity.

At the Hindustan Times Leadership Summit 2023, Alia Bhatt talked about how she deals with negative comments on social media. She mentioned that she might say a few silly things in public, and people may make fun of her for it, but she believes in the bigger picture where love is more important. She also discussed how she handled trolls when she first started in the industry, mentioning that she used to be defensive but now understands that not everyone will like her, and that’s okay. She stressed the importance of telling the difference between helpful criticism and just plain hate. Alia expressed her gratitude for her audience and said her success is because of them. Her journey through fame shows her resilience.

Alia’s graceful handling of negativity and her ability to stay focused on her passion, while appreciating her audience’s support, is truly inspiring!