The excitement in the air is contagious as Ananya Panday and Sara Ali Khan, are appearing together on the iconic talk show ‘Koffee with Karan 8.’ This episode has been highly anticipated by fans, who are eager to catch a glimpse of the fun and candid conversation between the two stars. However, what really set the internet abuzz is the revelation that Ananya and Sara have spilled the beans on their close friend, Orry Awatramani.

As Karan Johar’s curiosity peaked and he asked the dynamic duo about Orry or Orhan Awatramani, Sara Ali Khan couldn’t hide her mischievous smile as she described him as a man of many talents, particularly highlighting his innate sense of humor, which often had them in splits. Ananya Panday chimed in, adding a touch of intrigue, stating that he’s often perceived as ‘Loved but misunderstood’ and that he possesses an uncanny ability to craft clever captions. She admitted that she wasn’t entirely sure about his profession but mentioned that he was clearly dedicated to self-improvement, a fact that was appreciated by their entire circle. This light-hearted exchange not only left Karan Johar and the audience amused by this revelation.

Orry Awatramani had been the subject of much speculation and intrigue in the Bollywood circles. Fans and media had been buzzing with questions about who this person was and what his connection to Ananya and Sara was. For more revelations, go watch the full episode streaming exclusively on Disney+ Hotstar.

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