Alia Bhatt and Soni Razdan’s Instagram exchanges are a delightful source of mother-daughter inspiration. Alia’s heartfelt support and effusive compliments for her mother, especially ahead of the release of ‘Pippa,’ create endearing mother-daughter goals. Soni recently graced the screening of the upcoming war movie ‘Pippa,’ and Alia’s unending praise for her mother serves as a heartwarming reminder of their close bond and mutual admiration. Their Instagram interactions are a beautiful testament to the strong connection they share.

At a recent screening of the war drama ‘Pippa,’ where Soni Razdan was among the esteemed guests, Alia Bhatt showcased her affection and admiration for her mother on her Instagram stories. With a warm picture of Soni, Alia playfully captioned it as ‘My effortlessly regal mother.’ Alongside her sweet gesture, Alia gave a heartfelt shoutout to the movie ‘Pippa,’ emphasizing her mother’s pivotal role in it. This heartfelt Instagram exchange between the mother and daughter not only highlighted their close bond but also added a heartwarming touch to the movie’s anticipation.

Alia Bhatt and Soni Razdan’s heartwarming bond shines through in their Instagram exchanges, and their excitement for ‘Pippa’ is palpable, making fans eagerly anticipate the film’s release.