Vikrant Massey, a versatile actor known for his compelling performances in both television and Bollywood, has carved a niche for himself in the Indian entertainment industry. The actor, known for his grounded and relatable persona, has recently opened up about embracing fatherhood, a journey he considers the biggest and most joyful upcoming phase in his life.

When Shravan asks him about what he feels about welcoming a new phase in his life, and he gears up to become a father. He expressed saying that it is a mix of everything and how he has been feeling over the moon and called fatherhood the biggest and most joyful phase in his life. In this interview, he also took us through his definition of ‘success’ and how it has changed and evolved over time. He also added saying how academic success is not everything, and how one needs to be adaptive to the changing definition of success in life. He also goes on to talk about his film 12th Fail, to know more, tap on the video below!

Check out the full interview below…

Vikrant Massey’s recent embrace of fatherhood and his enthusiasm for his upcoming film, ’12th Fail,’ reflect the multi-faceted nature of his life and career.