In the trailer of Zoya Akhtar’s ‘The Archies,’ Suhana Khan’s dialogue has captured attention, drawing comparisons to Shah Rukh Khan‘s iconic lines from ‘Don.’ The uncanny similarity between their delivery has piqued curiosity and sparked a buzz among fans. Suhana’s dialogue echoes a nostalgic resonance, drawing an intriguing parallel to her father’s memorable portrayal of ‘Don’, adding an exciting layer of anticipation for her debut performance.

In one intriguing scene from The Archies trailer, a heartwarming exchange between Archie and Veronica caught the attention of eager fans. Archie’s dialogue, “I always have fun with you,” is met with Veronica’s playful reply, “Me too. I always have fun with me.” The parallel to Shah Rukh Khan’s iconic dialogue from ‘Don’ where Don responds to, “I always liked you Don” with “Me too. I’ve also always liked me” and similarities didn’t escape the watchful eyes of the fans, adding a delightful layer of connection and nostalgia to the film’s anticipation.

The anticipation for ‘The Archies’ is skyrocketing, and the uncanny parallels between dialogues make the wait even more thrilling. The charming resemblances not only excite but also warm the heart, creating an eagerness to witness this promising debut.

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