Shah Rukh Khan, in an endearing display of paternal pride, extended his heartfelt wishes to the team of ‘The Archies,’ marking his daughter Suhana Khan’s much-anticipated debut. His touching note resonated deeply with the audience, setting an inspiring example of father-daughter goals.

Shah Rukh Khan, exuding pride, penned a heartfelt note on social media while sharing the trailer of The Archies, a movie where his daughter, Suhana Khan, makes her debut as Veronica, inspired by the iconic Archies comic. Expressing his admiration for the film’s contemporary theme and timeless characters, Shah Rukh highlighted the director’s skill in infusing innocence and a fable-like quality. Throughout the journey, from the film’s announcement to the poster release, Shah Rukh has been an avid supporter and even shared a virtual letter earlier encouraging Suhana to stay true to herself as she embarks on this exciting cinematic journey.

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The anticipation for Suhana Khan’s debut in ‘The Archies’ is palpable, igniting excitement among fans eager to witness her on-screen magic. Here’s to hoping Shah Rukh Khan might surprise us with a special cameo, adding an extra sparkle to this much-awaited moment!