Get ready for a delightful blast from the past as Zoya Akhtar spills the beans on the highly anticipated project, ‘The Archies.’ The star-studded cast includes the talented team of Suhana Khan, Khushi Kapoor, Agastya Nanda, Vedant Raina, Dot, Mihir Ahuja, and Yuvraj Menda who are set to bring the beloved characters from the iconic Archie Comics to life. In an exclusive revelation, Zoya Akhtar shares intriguing details about the casting process. But first, take a look at the recently released trailer below…

Reema Kagta said that casting for the film was quite a rigorous process and credits casting directors Nandini Shrikent and Karan Mally for it. Zoya reveals that the first to be cast was Khushi Kapoor as Betty and the last one was Agastya Nanda for the role of Archie. Zoya says Suhana was training to be an actor, so she knew she wanted to act. Vedang Raina was a musician and a model, and he did 4 to 5 rounds of auditions before they suggested his name to Zoya. Mihir Ahuja on the other hand was noticed when Zoya watched him cry in a scene of Made In Heaven, which is also produced by her, and knew that he would fit the role of Jughead.

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Zoya Akhtar’s vision for ‘The Archies’ is poised to strike the perfect balance between nostalgia and modern storytelling, offering a fresh take on these iconic characters. ‘The Archies’ promises to be a delightful journey down memory lane with a contemporary twist.