Salman Khan’s third installment of ‘Tiger’ made its big release on Diwali and fans were super excited to see this. His fans couldn’t contain their excitement and have gone all out with the celebrations outside and inside theatres. Recently a video went viral on the internet where the audience is bursting crackers in the theatre and Salman Khan has now reacted to this.

Fans have been super excited about the release and have celebrated Diwali with grand celebrations outside theatres as ‘Tiger 3’ released on the same date. ‘Tiger 3’ has taken the internet by storm and this one video of fans bursting crackers in the theatre has gone viral. Salman Khan took to Instagram and posted telling fans to not do such behaviour and be safe while enjoying the movie. Salman also mentioned how dangerous it is! It truly is extremely scary to see such behaviour indoors.

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‘Tiger 3’ has gained immense hype from the audience all around the world and fans cannot keep calm with the celebrations!

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