Veteran Bollywood actor Nana Patekar found himself at the center of a controversy recently after an incident involving him slapping a fan over a selfie request. In a surprising turn of events, Nana Patekar took responsibility for his actions and released an apology video, after an uproar from netizens. The video went viral and people on the internet were truly disturbed by his actions, and his behaviour towards a fan.

Here’s what fans had to say…

The actor was shooting for his film ‘Journey’, when a fan approached him for a selfie. His reaction was uncalled for as he went on to slap the fan as he approached the actor and asked him to shoo away. In response to the public uproar, Nana Patekar chose to address the incident directly through an apology video. In the video, the actor expressed remorse for his actions and acknowledged that his behaviour was inappropriate. The public reaction to Nana Patekar’s apology has been mixed, with some commending his humility and willingness to apologize, while others continue to express disappointment in his behaviour.

Check out his apology video below

The apology video came in a day after this incident and it received a mixed set of reactions from his fans. What do you think about his actions and his reaction to this fan?