In a harmonious prelude to the cricketing crescendo, Dua Lipa is set to dazzle the audience at the closing ceremony of the ICC World Cup 2023, just before the much-anticipated final clash between cricket powerhouses India and Australia. The convergence of music and sports is a recipe for an unforgettable evening, and fans are eagerly awaiting the dual spectacle that awaits them.

Star Sports on their Twitter handle hinted at the pop star performing at the closing ceremony of the ICC World Cup Finals, which is set to take place on 19th, between India and Australia. Not just that, she also took questions from KL Rahul and Kane Williamson on what her jersey number would be and what would be her favourite song to perform at the closing ceremony! The “Levitating” singer, known for her magnetic stage presence and hit-making prowess, is poised to set the stage on fire, creating an electric atmosphere that will set the tone for the epic showdown to follow at the Narendra Modi Stadium on Sunday. As the sun sets on the tournament, and the floodlights illuminate the field for the final battle, Dua Lipa’s melodies will echo through the stadium, creating an unforgettable prelude to the cricketing spectacle that will unfold. Fans also wondered whether the performance will be streamed on OTT platforms and on television.

So, gear up for a night where Dua Lipa and cricket share the spotlight, setting the stage for a grand culmination of the ICC World Cup 2023.