Khushalii Kumar is garnering attention for her upcoming film ‘Starfish,’ where she plays the role of Tara. Her dedication to the character is evident as she became a certified commercial diver for the role. Recently opening up about the trauma she faced shooting the climax scene, where her character overdoses on a substance, Khushalii’s candidness provides a glimpse into the emotional challenges actors navigate during intense scenes.

Khushalii Kumar poured her heart and soul into her role, going above and beyond with extensive preparation and hard work. Recently, she spilled the beans about the challenges she faced during the filming of a gripping drug overdose scene. Not only was the shooting intense, but the preparation itself was no cakewalk. Imagine, a one-minute cut demanded over four minutes of her unwavering performance! What’s more, Khushalii, who doesn’t indulge in substances in real life, navigated this scene with unique dedication. The lingering impact of the role didn’t stop with the cut; it took her a while to shake off the intensity even after the cameras stopped rolling. Here’s what Khushalii had to say…

I still feel the blood rush in my body as I revisit that scene. That feeling was very different and weird, and it took a great deal for me to get out of it. It is hard to describe how it felt. It was a difficult scene since it was mentally heavy. I could not sleep for nights after the scene, and I avoided staying alone in a place since those flashbacks would occur.

Khushalii Kumar’s commitment to ‘Starfish’ is palpable, as seen in her becoming a certified diver and delving into the emotional intensity of her character, showcasing a remarkable dedication to her craft. This film will be releasing on 24th November,2023.